Busting Loose from Insurance Dependence - Registration Closes Friday, October 12 at Midnight (Pacific Time)
PPO's Killing Your Practice?
It was 2007. Our Practice was overrun with 34 PPO plans...
Registration Closes in:
Imagine the benefits of regaining control of your fee schedule... 
So that YOU can determine a fair fee for your services  

News Flash! The current insurance system is broken. 

The only winner in today's system is the Insurance Company. 

The Dentists, Patients, and Employers all lose!  

Of all the decisions that we have made in my LifeSmiles dental practice, the single most important decision we have made is to reduce our insurance dependency  

The single most significant reason that practice overhead is so high today in dentistry is that Dentists have been unable to raise their fees to meet their rising costs of doing business, especially for those Dentists who embrace technology  

That's why I am inviting you to the online training I am creating... 


This course will include:
  • A specific 7 point plan to successfully go out of network with PPO Plans
  • Learn how to create a comprehensive marketing plan to attract quality new patients
  • Verbal skills for you and your Team Members 
  •  How to reduce your insurance dependency yet remain patient friendly in the process
  •  Things that Gary learned in his transition to reduce insurance dependency...and what he would do differently today as a result of these lessons
  •  How to evaluate your readiness to bust loose from insurance dependence 
  •  How to determine if you can be successful reducing your insurance dependency in your specific area
  •  Mastering payment options so that patients can afford the best care  
  •  The benefits of an in-office patient membership plan and how to use this plan to attract a universe of patients who do not have dental insurance
  •  6 specific goals of a Thriving Practice in 2018 and beyond
  •  How to retain as many existing patients as possible when you go out of network 
  •  How to successfully answer the following question from a potential new patient; "Do you take my dental insurance?"  
  •  A plan to get your entire Team onboard!
Learn from Someone Who Has Done It
  •  SCORE Gary's knowledge and coaching for LESS THAN 2% of what he charges in person!
  •  The biggest mistakes being made right now by practices trying to break free from insurance providers that prevent practices from ever being able to scale their income and business!
  •  The 'Renewable System' Gary uses in his practice and the practices of his clients to turn constrictive insurance reimbursements into breakout profits!
  •  The absolute most revealing metrics you need to know now about your insurance providers... what they tell you... and what winning moves to make based on them!
  •  What TWO practices in Washington state did 15 days after the CEO of a leading insurance company cut fees by 15% in order give himself and his executive team a 56% executive pay raise!
  •  How Gary achieves double digit growth each and every year in his LifeSmiles dental practice, despite not being in network with any insurance plans!
  •  The key to unlocking your practice insurance dependency with little to no practice disruption!
  •  The most powerful 'secret' behind breaking free from any insurance plan in such a way that boosts practice profits within 30 days.
  •  The ‘dirty secret’ the insurance companies do not want you to know!
  •  How to successfully answer the question; “Do you take my insurance?"
  •  How to regain control of your practice and position your practice for success NOW and long into the future!
  •  The easy way to get the entire team unchained, on board and producing greater profits than would otherwise be possible in an insurance dependent practice.
  •  Gary's favorite new patient sources... and the exact type of marketing he does for to create an abundance of the RIGHT new patients!
Email jodey@thrivingdentist.com with any questions.
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